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ROKS Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin, DDH-975, destroyer, Republic of Korea Navy, South Korea, warships
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HMS Queen Elizabeth, R08, Royal Navy, New York, British nuclear aircraft carrier, Queen Elizabeth class, warships, aircraft carrier, New York cityscape
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Song-class submarine, Type 039 submarine, Peoples Liberation Army Navy, Chinese submarine, PLA Navy, painted submarine
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Jo Chunhyung, PKG-713, patrol boat, Republic of Korea Navy, Yoon Youngha-class patrol vessel, warships
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ROKS Daegu, FFG-818, Daegu-class frigate, Guided missile frigate, Republic of Korea Navy, South Korean frigate, warships
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ROKS Munmu the Great, DDH-976, South Korean destroyer, South Korean navy, warships, Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin-class
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ROKS Seoae Ryu Seong-ryong, DDG-993, 4k, South Korean destroyer, Flag of South Korea, Navy of the Republic of Korea, Great-class destroyers, warships, USS Peleliu, LHA-5, US Navy
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yacht at sea, view from above, sea, aero view, waves, white sailboat, loneliness concepts
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ROS Marasesti, F-111, Romanian frigate, HMS Dragon, D35, British destroyer, warships, British Navy, Romanian Navy
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ROKS Jeju, FF-958, frigate, Republic of Korea Navy, Ulsan-class Frigate, warships
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USS Jason Dunham, DDG-109, American destroyer, US Navy, warships, Arleigh Burke-class, United States Navy
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INS Ganga, F22, Indian Navy, Indian guided-missile frigate, Godavari-class, Indian warships
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