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Hatayspor FC, glitter logo, 1 Lig, red white checkered background, soccer, turkish football club, Hatayspor logo, mosaic art, TFF First League, football, Hatayspor
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Hatayspor logo, Turkish football club, metal emblem, red and white metal mesh background, TFF 1 Lig, Hatayspor, TFF First League, Antakya, Turkey, football
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Hatayspor FC, golden logo, 1 Lig, purple metal background, football, Hatayspor, turkish football club, Hatayspor logo, soccer, Turkey
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Hatayspor, Turkish football club, 1 Lig, burgundy logo, burgundy carbon fiber background, football, Antakya, Turkey, Hatayspor logo
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Hatayspor, scorched logo, Turkish 1 Lig, red wooden background, turkish football club, TFF First League, Hatayspor FC, grunge, football, soccer, Hatayspor logo, fire texture, Turkey
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Hatayspor FC, fire logo, Turkish 1 Lig, red and white lines, turkish football club, grunge, TFF First League, Hatayspor FK, football, soccer, Hatayspor logo, wooden texture, Turkey
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