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Sikorsky HH-60G Pave Hawk, Combat rescue helicopter, HH-60W, Jolly Green II, american military helicopter, US Air Force
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Ka-52, russian military helicopter, Alligator, Kamov Ka-52, Russian Air Force, artwork, Kamov Helicopters, Russian Army
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McDonnell Douglas AH-64 Apache, JGSDF, AH-64D Apache, Attack Helicopter, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, japanese combat helicopter
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Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk, military helicopters, American Army, US Marine Corps, anti-submarine helicopters, Army of USA, US Navy
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Mi-28, winter, attack helicopters, Havoc, Mil Mi-28, Russian Air Force, russian military helicopter, Mil Helicopters, Russian Army
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ACH130 Aston Martin Edition, helicopters Aston Martin, luxury helicopter, modern new helicopters, Airbus, Aston Martin
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Mi-28, close-up, russian military helicopter, Havoc, Mil Mi-28, Russian Air Force, Mil Helicopters, Russian Army
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Ka-50, russian military helicopter, Hokum A, Kamov Ka-50, Russian Air Force, Kamov Helicopters, Russian Army
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Bell UH-1N Twin Huey, military helicopters, Egyptian Army, Army of Egypt, Bell
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Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, US Army, combat aircraft, NATO, attack helicopters, Sikorsky
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Eurocopter EC135, ADAC, rescue helicopter, light helicopter, Airbus Helicopters H135, modern helicopters
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Bell UH-1N Twin Huey, United States Marine Corps, USS Makin Island, LHD-8, amphibious assault ship, United States Armed Forces
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